Our Team

Matthew Powers Principal & Co-Founder

My name is Matthew Powers. It has taken a long time for me to be proud of that name. I was born and raised in Chelsea, MA by a strong and supportive family. Although I was given the direction and guidance, my path did not align with who my family or myself intended for it to be. Until 13 years ago, I was in the grips of the vicious cycle of addiction. My battle was categorized mainly by the pain I caused to those that loved me, and the slow deterioration of my spirit. I wreaked havoc for anyone and anything I came in contact with for many years. I was unrecognizable to those around me- it was dark- that is how I can describe it. I was a shell of a human with very little hope for any type of future.

The day came, the day I wish for each and every person struggling, where I surrendered to my addiction. I was defeated and became willing to take the first step- to enter treatment. My journey began in that moment. Thank God for those that showed me the way, didn’t give up on me and had hope when I couldn’t see past the pain.

As the Principal and Co- Founder of Chelsea’s House, I have been committed for the past 10 years, that all Chelsea’s House Sober Homes are open with integrity, quality and a true passion to serve those in our community suffering from Substance Use Disorders. 

Damon Weinberg Principal & Co-Founder

Damon Weinberg is a loving and supportive husband and father of three. He is in long term recovery and has worked in the addictions field for 10 years. Damon uses his personal and professional experience to help create and nurture caring environments for people in recovery from substance use disorder. Allowing for different pathways and using different modalities, Damon has always met people where they are at and done whatever he can to help them along their chosen pathway. Being a person with very strong family values Damon has also been a huge proponent for a family style approach to recovery. This includes input and counseling for everybody from the person suffering from SUD and their family as well. Damon has always highly valued treating the family as well the person and will carry this with him at Chelsea's House & Power of Recovery.

Stephen Perez General Manager

I am a man in long term recovery, with over 25 years working in the field. Things have changed since when I got clean, but I am proud to be part of a team who helps others.

Mari Santos General Manager

I am a person in long term recovery. I am a proud mother to 3 little boys. Recovery is hard but I am glad I decided to change my life. Today I am given the opportunity to help others struggling with substance abuse disorders. I enjoy watching others grow and continue with their lives. It gives me strength to keep showing up. 

Stephen Powers Principal & Co-Founder